From The Lighthouse: Ferryland


Travelling highway 10, the Irish Loop,, south from St. John’s you pass communities with names: Witless Bay, Tors Cove, Brigus South, Cape Broyle and Ferryland.  This community is spilling out with history with a modern interpretation centre and an active archeological dig site.  It’s worth going on line to check out the Colony of the Avalon.

When in Ferryland you can walk across a newly restored breakwater. It had to be restored when it was wiped out by a huge wave in the winter of 2010. You then will come to the dig site which is active from spring to fall, before arriving at the hill path.  The pathway to the lighthouse is a thirty minute walk.  The last part is through a spruce forest which is cool on a hot summer’s day.  On days like these you’ll want to have a picnic basket from Lighthouse Picnics.

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Brigus South is a very small fishing community with houses tucked in around the cove.  When I came across this setting for the painting I found the road literally dropped over the edge of the cliff.  I was left awe struck by the beauty that was before me.  The feeling always returns each time I sketch there.

Located south of St. John’s on highway 10, known as the Irish Loop, Brigus South is about an hour’s drive.  The communities along the shore date back several hundred years.  The painting expresses my deeply rooted feelings which have developed for this place.

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Silvery Sea Art is the online gallery for Newfoundland artist, painter and lithographer, Sylvia Bendzsa. The pictures you find here are all works of fine art and are not commercial reproductions, prints or posters.

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