From The Lighthouse:  Ferryland

From The Lighthouse: Ferryland

Oil Painting on Canvas: 28" x 36"

When I prepared my sketches for the painting, From the lighthouse, it was spring, a bone chilling day.  At the base of the lighthouse the sun on the stone gave warmth and baffled the wind. The great space from this vantage point made me aware of my oneness with nature.  There was not a living soul for miles.  The all powerful and enormous North Atlantic made me aware of how this lighthouse has stood against the forces of nature and gives protection to those on the sea.

The island just off the light has the look of a mysterious sea creature rising from the deep. There are what looks to be appendages coming away from the body including a mound of stone like a head.

In my painting there is the North Atlantic ice flow passing by the Southern Shore. The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 2007.  The flow carries trapped icebergs from Greenland and Nunavut and this sight is a sign of spring.  For that reason it was an important part of the painting.
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